Strength. Durability. Longevity.
We rely on three trees for all our products

These trees have been prized and revered as building materials for millenia, from the first Americans to now. Their strength, resistance to decay, shrinkage, and swelling, and natural insect repellence have made them the wood of choice for homebuilders, carpenters, and artists the world around.

Red Cedar

Thuja plicata

Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) is an evergreen coniferous tree native to both the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada. It is among the most widespread trees in the pacific northwest.


Sequoia Sempervirens

​Sequoia Sempervirens (Commonly known as Coastal Redwood or California Redwood) is one of three Redwood species and is the one most commonly used for building purposes. Its building properties are legendary — light, strong, fragrant, and durable, some consider it the ultimate lumber source.

Yellow Cedar

Cupressus nootkatensis

Grown in high elevations, in British Columbia and Alaska, it is typically occurring on wet sites in mountains, often close to the tree line. Like other Cedar and Redwood products it has good dimensional stability and is resistant to weather and insects. It has an even grain with a soft texture, and its tone is platinum yellow.

Siskiyou Forest Products is located in the heart of their growth area, which stretches from central California to the southernmost tip of Alaska. We work with suppliers in the region to get the highest-quality lumber at the fairest price.


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