There's something special about a house built with real wood. THe way it feels makes you want to stay a lifetime.

Our products will last a lifetime in the right hands. We select them with the craftsman in mind. We choose hard, naturally insect-repellant woods which when treated well will last for decades even in the hardest climates.

We specialize in Redwood and Cedar raw manufactured products free of knots, stains, and rot. We buy at quantity and mill to length. All our products are designed to handle wood stains, routing, and surfacing to provide beautiful custom finishes and don't leave our facility unless we are completely satisfied.

With over 5,000,000 board-feed of lumber on hand we can quickly fill orders. Redwood and Cendar are both produced in our factory so we can keep cost low for our customers and product in stock in case markets get challenging.

Irregular lengths are fingerjointed and turned into our Reserve line of siding.

Sawdust and bad sections are turned into Sis–Q–Logs for home heating.


Darren Duchi
Sales — Anderson

Monte Acquistapace
Sales — Anderson

Fred Duchi
Purchasing — Anderson

Bill Duchi
Sales — Weed