For over 40 years we have been manufacturing top-quality wood products.

Our products are designed and selected to last a lifetime. Our selection process keeps the craftsman in mind by providing the ultimate exterior softwood species.  Our focus is pride and quality.

Finish Lumber

We specialize in high quality grain specific kiln dried lumber. There is nothing like a quality product in the hands of a true craftsman. Our Western Red Cedar and Redwood Clears are graded to the tightest standards in the industry.

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Reserve Trim & Siding

Our RESERVE line of engineered siding and trim is manufactured with the tightest of tolerance to create the highest quality product available. Using our state-of the art process our engineered exterior wood products will last for generations.    Available In Western Red Cedar Mixed Grain and Vertical Grain, Redwood Clear and Clear all Heart, and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

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Sis-Q-logs were created to recycle the natural by-product of running a lumber plant. Sis Q Logs are 100% condensed sawdust. Sis-Q-logs are dense and dry combined with clean burning and environmentally friendly.

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Darren Duchi
Sales — Anderson

Monte Acquistapace
Sales — Anderson

Fred Duchi
Purchasing — Anderson

Bill Duchi
Sales — Weed