we strive to keep our materials within the economic system, without negative impact on health or our environment.

Siskiyou Forest Products adheres to the most efficient waste practices with all products we manufacture. With Siskiyou Forest Products you can feel good about purchasing items still made in the USA where integrity is the number one ingredient.


Our finger-jointed and edge-glued products are excellent examples of “conserving through efficiency”. We take A grade lumber which is perfectly usable but too short or narrow to be used on its own, and remanufacture the pieces with precision joints to create a useable finished product.

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Even our sawdust is used in the production of biomass fuels in the form of our Sis-Q-Logs. By condensing sawdust into pucks, Sis-Q-logs help us recycle a natural by-product of our business for the home heating market and/or cogeneration factories, which in turn, generate steam, power and heat to small industries and communities.

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The Future

Today’s high demand for lumber products actually helps to promote forest sustainability and regeneration. There are strict forest protection regulations in place that protect not only our forests, but air and water quality as well.

The practice of these and many other forest management regulations help to ensure the continuous growth and harvesting of trees for many generations to come.